Maccor Series 8000 HEV Tester

Maccor S2300The Series 8000 is a range of fully automated, computerised battery test systems that provide the highest level of specifications and features available in a Maccor test system. The Series 8000 provides exceptional accuracy (99.95% of Full Scale), resolution (16-bit, 1 part in 65,536) and speed (1 mS data acquisition, available) for testing Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) batteries, Super Capacitor, and other high power energy storage devices.

With channel ratings as high as 700 Volts and 1000 Amps, the Series 8000 is the perfect instrument in your toolbox for high power applications. Using Maccor's Standard Full Feature Battery Test Software, the Series 8000 is the most powerful test system you will own. Perform virtually any type of test (FUDS, SFUDS, DST, etc) on any type of energy storage device (batteries, battery packs, super-capacitors, fuel cells, etc.). The Series 8000 comes standard with the high level accuracy, resolution, and dependability satisfied Maccor customers expect.

Supplied as a complete turnkey system, the Series 8000 consists of a test cabinet, PC computer and test software, with options of a UPS and Printer. The test cabinet and PC computer are connected via a high-speed 10 Base T communications network. As soon as AC power is connected to the test system, it is ready for immediate use.

To provide maximum flexibility and speed of operation, single board computer controllers within the test cabinet provide control of the tests and collect the initial data. Each controller supports from one to eight test channels, dependent on the application. In addition, the test cabinet contains the individually controlled electronic loads, and power supplies for charging purposes.

Each test channel is operated independently. This allows different tests to be performed on different test channels simultaneously, with tests being started independently, or in a block. Once started, tests operate completely automatically until the appropriate test end condition is reached.


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