Maccor S2300 (Discontinued, Replaced By 4300)

Maccor S2300The Model 2300 Battery Test System is the latest version of our popular desktop battery test systems. Supplied as an eight (8) channel test system, the Model 2300 is designed primarily for use in battery research and product test laboratories, at relatively low currents and voltages. Typical applications include performance testing of electrode and separator materials, half and full cells, utilising all types of cell chemistries.

The Model 2300 System is an eight (8) channel desktop unit, complete with PC computer and software for control and data acquisition purposes. All test channels have four (4) current ranges. This allows current set points to be programmed from 300 nA to 5A on each test channel. All current ranges have an accuracy of 0.02% of full scale, the highest accuracy available in any multi-current range system.

Operating independently, each test channel can be started and stopped at any time, and can be programmed to perform different tests from each other. Optionally, the Model 2300 includes sixteen (16) reference electrode voltage inputs, and/or eight (8) thermocouple inputs. System operation is based on Maccor's Windows-based software, providing both sophisticated test control and high speed data acquisition.


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