48 Volt 5kW PEM Fuel Cell

Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell

It is the aim of CellCare Technologies to continually introduce new technology that can provide significant benefits over existing solutions in specific applications.

Fuel cellThe latest introduction to the product portfolio is a 5kW PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) based hydrogen fuel cell, designed to replace 48V standby batteries within remote telecoms sites, satellite base stations, ISP base stations, uplink facilities and weather data collection sites. This technology provides instant power with no hazardous waste, zero emissions, extended autonomy and a guaranteed lifetime with minimal maintenance.

This solution is ideal for sites where space is at a premium, maintenance budgets are low and environmental and reliability issues are a major concern. The unit can perform between -40C and +50C and offers predictable, reliable performance year after year. please contact us to arrange a demonstration of our installation at INVESTEC Bank in central London.


System Features & Benefits:


For more information about how fuel cells can integrate with your 48V standby system contact us here


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