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CellCare Technologies are experts in all types of standby battery servicing, specialising in automated monitoring, data acquisition systems, on-site battery management and maintenance, together with fault diagnosis and performance prediction. Our services also include product application and consultancy, plus training seminars on standby battery maintenance. Health & Safety courses to ensure compliance with COSHH regulations are also available.

CellCare Technologies provide a complete battery management capability so important for critical standby duties. Regular use of our services minimises the risk of sudden and potentially catastrophic battery failures occurring and, coupled with planned preventative maintenance, will contribute to a very high reliability and confidence level. Our wealth of technical expertise is at your service, from staff with considerable operational and commercial experience within the battery industry.


Battery Monitoring & testing systems, Battery Management & maintenance services, Failure Prediction & Fault Diagnosis. Routine Autonomy testing.

We autonomy load test your standby batteries using intelligent load frames which fully emulate power failure conditions and record the results with our portable Monitoring Systems. Our reports will highlight the important findings, with recommended corrective actions. The supporting quantitative data will indicate on-load cell / block and battery voltages, discharge current, temperature, power consumed in watts and ampere-hours. Partial tests using the actual building load can be accommodated. All data will be held for future reference and trend analysis.

Interim Testing & On-site Battery Audit & Inspection

Using the leading CellCorder instrument we offer a one-shot qualitative battery test facility, with the advantage that the battery can remain on-line and in service. The data logging multi- meter measures inter-cell connector resistance, individual cell voltages and cell internal resistance. Any "out of tolerance cells" are highlighted on an exception report together with corrective action proposals.

Battery Consultancy & Design

> Which battery is correct for your particular application ?
> Lead-Acid or Nickel Cadmium - which variant to use ?
> Lead-acid tubular, pasted plate, plante or VRLA batteries ?
> Lead-acid VRLA batteries - AGM or Gel types
> Which BS, IEC or EN category ?

The choice is vast and we provide independent unbiased advice. Please contact our offices for more information.


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