CTL-200 Hydrostik

"A dramatic advancement in digital hydrometers.... hand-held Data logging is finally available".

Data Logging Digital Hydrometer

CTL HydrostikThe CTL-200 Hydrostik is a digital microprocessor controlled battery test instrument that replaces the traditional, potentially inaccurate, 'paper and pencil' methods previously used. It can be used on either Vented Lead Acid or NiCad Cells. REMEMBER - never mix electrolytes, it kills batteries!

The CTL-200 Hydrostik has been specifically designed for the battery test industry. The user simply has to fit the clean test tube to the instrument and insert into the cell to be measured. Extract a measured amount of electrolyte and depress the Store Key and the internal microprocessor takes over - measuring, displaying and storing the temperature corrected electrolyte Specific Gravity reading.

The Hydrostik memory records the SGs and temperatures of the cell / bloc under test. Then transfer these measurements to the data logging module which stores the readings of 8 batteries, designated String A through to H, of up to 256 cells each. These are later downloaded to your PC via USB / RS-232 interface. It's that simple.

Hydrostik is fully compatible with:

Working in harmony, the instruments enable data recorded on cell voltage, specific gravity and temperature to be downloaded into a single test report.

With our Windows™ based software package the stored data is analysed and presented in easy to read graphical format.

Features include


CTL- 200 specifications document

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