Battery Analysis Software

Display & Analytical Software - CellCorder CRT Standby Battery Test Multi-Meter.

Battery characteristics vary over time and depend very much on maintenance and the environmental conditions of the specific application. Each installation tends to have its own 'fingerprint'. Capturing and managing this critical operational data has always presented a challenge to facilities managers. Recording and analysing data using traditional pencil and paper methods is both time consuming and prone to error.

Help is now at hand and is simplicity itself with the leading Albér corp BAS software.

CellcorderAll of the data that has been collected by on-site battery testing with the Cellcorder Standby Battery Test Multi meter is archived, using your own location designations. It is analysed and displayed in both graphical and tabular format with default criteria being set to suit the particular system.

As information is progressively added to the battery string database over time 'trends' begin to appear. These are dynamically displayed for each parameter, enabling "exceptions" to be easily identified and Go / No Go management decisions rapidly taken.




A typical Cell Voltage display

Cells outside the manufacturers recommended limits can easily be seen by the Red & Yellow alarm levels.







This plot shows a typical UPS battery.

You can see a gradual increase in cell voltage towards one end of the battery. The effects of increased temperature at the top of the six tier stand can clearly be seen.






DataImported data

Where vented cells are in service and their specific gravity and temperatures have been determined using our CTL 200 Hydrostik Digital Data logging Hydrometer / Thermometer then this data is imported into the Cellcorder prior to downloading to your PC - for the complete Battery picture.




The BAS software will archive the data in its 'filing cabinet' within your PC for future long term reference. The print command will produce colour graphical and hard copy records of :


Cell voltages and the inter-cell connector resistance's.

A regular pattern exists where the 'row' changes occur. After the fourth row change you can clearly see an erroneous reading. On further investigation the cause was found to be an incorrectly fitted inter-cell connector fixing nut.














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