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Uninterruptible Power Supply

Maccor UPSSeveral processes, in both hardware and software, are hard at work to allow you to have a complete and safe recovery from power fails. First, a Maccor data file contains information that allow tests to resume from the most recent record stored in the file. Second, all systems presently supplied by Maccor have power fail detection hardware. Thus, by correctly installing a UPS, the software shuts down the system in an orderly fashion to allow the system to recover with no loss in data. The power fail detection hardware does more than just monitor the incoming AC. The power fail detection hardware also monitors the voltage of the logic power supplies preventing systems from damaging the devices under test.

Interface Shelves

Maccor ShelvesShelves for the cabinet's interface are available. Shelves reduce the cabling needed by allowing you to test the devices at the tester interface.




Adjustable Cell Holders

Adjustable cell holderThe adjustable cylindrical cell holder may be mounted on the cabinet's interface or remotely. The cell holder is available in blocks of eight and adjustable from button to 18650 cell sizes





Coin Cell Holders

Coin Cell HolderThe coin/button cell holder is adjustable for a variety of cell diameters. With a thumb screw terminal on one end and a spring loaded terminal on the other it makes perfect contact every time. These cell holders are mounted on a circuit board and plug-in directly to the cabinet's interface.





Moulded Kelvin Cell Holder

Molded Kelvin Cell HolderThe first and only true four-wire cell holders are available in a variety of sizes including: AAA, AA, C, D, and 9 Volt. These cell holders provide the most accurate measurements at the cell. Cell holders are mounted on a circuit board with either power pole or phoenix connectors.










CablesCables are Four-wire terminated with power-pole for tester interface, and your choice of alligator clips, spade or ring lugs, banana plugs, or kelvin clips for user interface.



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