CTL-100 Voltlogger

"A dramatic advancement in battery voltmeters ...reliable hand-held data logging is finally available at the right price!"

Data logging voltmeter

CTL-100The CTL-100 Voltlogger is a digital microprocessor controlled battery test instrument that replaces the traditional, potentially inaccurate, 'paper and pencil ' methods previously used. The unit can be clipped to your belt, giving 'Hands-free' operation.

The CTL-100 Voltlogger has been specifically designed for the battery test industry. The user simply has to connect the standard fused probes to the cell to be measured and the internal microprocessor takes over - measuring, displaying and storing the cell or bloc voltage in about a second. An audio signal indicates that it's ready for the next cell. In the stationary (standby) mode the user can measure up to 2048 cell voltage readings. These are stored in 8 separate data strings of 256 readings, denoted by strings A through to H. In the motive power mode, up to 960 readings are stored in 20 strings of 48 readings, denoted by strings A through to T. The stored readings can be later downloaded to your PC via a RS-232 interface. It's that simple.

The Voltlogger is also fully compatible with the Hydrostik automatic microprocessor controlled battery digital hydrometer / thermometer. Working in harmony, the instruments enable data recorded on cell voltage, specific gravity and temperature to be downloaded into a single test report.

With the supplied software the data is analysed and presented in an easy to read graphical format, on any compatible PC.

  • 2,048 readings of cell voltage via microprocessor control.
  • Automatically stores the cell voltage and increments to the next cell in about a second.
  • Fast & accurate, providing millivolt resolution.
  • String, cell number and cell voltage stored at the same time.
  • Summation of overall string voltage.
  • Standby Application Mode, and Telecommunications / Motive Power Mode.
  • Splash-proof membrane keypad with separate controls for On / Off and Up / Down keys.
  • Backlit power conservation LCD Display.
  • Use on Lead Acid or NiCad cells.
  • Data downloads on to your PC.
  • Graphical Winmeter 4 (WindowsTM based) colour report writing stationary mode software. Integrates with 8 compatible outputs from the Hydrostik.
  • Exception highlighting shown on printed report, using user-defined limits.
  • AutoBATT software for motive power mode - generates reports in printed format. Will also download stationary mode results.
  • Optional METER 2.1 (DOS) software available.

  • System features & benefits

    Float Voltage Readings

      The CellCorder measures the voltage applied during full float operation. The voltage range covers all cells or modules up to 20 volts. Cell or module reading accuracy is to four full digits.

    Internal Cell Resistance

    The internal resistance of a cell can be determined by how that cell responds to a momentary load. The instantaneous voltage drop and load current applied are used to calculate the resistance. CellCorder algorithms make this measurement possible on cells floating on-line or off-line.

    Inter Cell Resistance

    The CellCorder measures the resistance between two cell terminals that are electrically connected. The measurement consists of the connector resistance and the contact resistance at the points of connection to the cell terminals.

    Auto Ranging

    The CellCorder automatically selects the correct voltage range, load resistor, and time for a test.
    Data Extraction and Analysis After all testing is completed; the CellCorder can be connected via the internal modem, supplied Smart Card reader or infra red port to a PC or hand-held device. The data extraction program analyses test data and displays results in a bar graph or tabulated format. A test report may be printed or saved to a file. This file can be exported in an ASCII or comma-delimited format to allow off-the-shelf programs or supplied Battery Analysis trending software to generate customized reports.


    CTL- 100 specifications document

    PDFDownload our quick reference sheet for full system features & benefits, hardware specification and after-sales / service information.

    CellCare company profile document

    Company ProfileDownload our handy PDF to provide a summary of the wide range of products and services that CellCare provide.

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