Battery DCIR Internal resistance baseline reference data

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Our Cell Baseline Database Table is a list of popular UPS Cells or Blocks, and provides the following details, the Ah rating, Published DCIR Internal Resistance and values at +25% and +50% levels. This is essential data for CellCorder users when setting up the test criteria for sites and batteries.

Here's an extract* of the data that is provided in our free 30 page reference sheet...

Manufacturer Model Ampere Hour Int Res µΩ +25% µΩ +50% µΩ
Alcad H22P   2331 2913.75 3496.5
Alcad HB230P 230 190 237.50 285
Alcad HB255P 256 170 212.50 255
Alcad HB280P 281 150 187.50 225
Alcad HB305P 307 140 175 210
Alcad HB345P 345 120 150 180
Alcad HB385P 383 110 137.5 165
Alcad HB420P 422 100 125 150
Alcad HB460P 460 90 112.5 135
Alcad HB510P 510 80 100 120
Alcad HB560P 560 80 100 120

*The above data is provided as a guide and for demonstration purposes only

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