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If you are looking for Europe’s leading independent supplier of battery monitoring equipment, battery testers, battery consultancy and specialist on-site battery services you've come to the right place.

battery test equipmenWhether replacing or maintaining batteries, load testing or helping you to develop your in-house skills through a range of battery awareness and maintenance training courses, we provide a range of products and services to ensure your back-up battery systems will work each and every time.


BatteryWe provide battery consultancy, failure prediction and fault analysis, battery asset management, design and a comprehensive range of battery test and monitoring products. Our leading Health & Safety and Battery Awareness training courses provide maintenance personnel with the necessary skills to work on standby battery systems, as well as being able to understand and manage their battery asset.

Specialist battery products & services

Key products & services

    battery tester

Battery training courses
Battery monitoring systems
Battery impedance testers
DCIR Ohmic testers
Battery audit inspections
Cell test and research systems
Specific gravity (SG) meters
Battery consultancy and advice

Battery research & development

BatteryCellCare Technologies works with world leaders in the field of battery research and development. Systems include research-grade cell test, formation and advanced EIS impedance spectroscopy for cells and battery packs used in portable devices, electric vehicles and emergency power supplies.

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    PDFOur products and services compliment the installation of emergency power systems, UPS and standby battery systems in data centres, telecommunications, motive power, process control and mission critical applications. See more here...